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Web COmmunities for Statistics
for Social Innovation


Web-COSI is designed to improve people’s engagement with statistics beyond GDP. It aims to:

+ increase trust in collectively generated statistics
+ encourage the use of both official and non-official statistics
+ improve the collection, production and visualisation of data related to societal progress and well-being
+ facilitate access, uploading and use of data produced by grassroots civil society organisations
+ promote the use of a broader range of statistics to inform the development of new indicators

The project plans to improve citizen access and use of statistics beyond GDP by:

+ mapping existing measurement initiatives in Europe and around the world
+ involving communities to foster the use of locally generated grassroots data (bottom up)
+ distilling best practice from civil society initiatives supporting the need for official and non-official statistics in debating policy issues
+ investigating the experiences of social entrepreneurs; highlighting their involvement in measuring well-being and progress to steer socially sustainable and innovative initiatives.

The Web-COSI work plan from January 2014 – December 2015 is as follows:

+ a Wiki of progress statistics where data related to the measurement of the different dimensions of societal progress can be uploaded, accessed and visualised
+ an interactive crowd-sourced map of initiatives on well-being and societal progress
+ a European Wikiprogress University programme enabling students to develop knowledge and data sharing on open source platforms
+ engaging citizens in dialogue about societal progress through social media campaigns, web competitions, crowd-sourcing, online discussions, blogs and eBriefs
+ engaging and motivating citizens on statistics beyond GDP via events: workshops, focus groups and a conference. Several documents on the involvement of communities will be produced

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This Project

Project Acronym: Web-COSI
Project Title: Web COmmunities for Statistics for Social Innovation Funding scheme: Coordination and support actions (Coordinating actions)
Project Number: G.A. no. 610422
1 January 2014 – 31 December 2015
EU Financial Contribution:
EUR 589,000
Funded by:
European Commission, DG CONNECT, Theme 3, ICT- Information and Communication Technologies (call ICT-2013-10)
Project Officer:
Loretta Anania, European Commission, DG CNECT
Scientific Coordinator: Donatella Fazio, Istat (Italian National Statistical Institute)
Project Manager: Maria Grazia Calza, Istat (Italian National Statistical Institute)
Project e-mail:
Web-COSI Boards: Advisory Board and Consortium Committee