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Here you will find all Web-COSI related presentations, articles and papers.

June 2016

Q2016 Conference, Madrid 1-3 June

During panel session “Big Data Oriented Systems”, the presentation “Data ecosystem: a new challenge for official statistics” was presented by Donatella Fazio, Web-COSI Scientific Coordinator

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To view the paper, click here!

During a speed session, the presentation “How NSIs can contribute to the third sector’s effort to pursue social aims” was presented by Arianna Carciotto, Web-COSI Technical Officer

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March 2016

ESS Modernisation Workshop, Bucharest, 16-17 March 2016, parallel session 6 – Dissemination and users

The presentation “Data users and data producers interaction: the Web-COSI project experience” was presented by Donatella Fazio, Web-COSI Scientific Coordinator.

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December 2015

Web-COSI: Beyond GDP – Statistics For Everyone Final Conference

Web-COSI Project experience, Donatella Fazio, Web-COSI project coordinator, ISTAT – View Presentation

Civil Society Participation, Filippo Addarii, Director of International strategy, The Young Foundation; Co-Founder PlusValue – View Presentation

Wikiprogress: data portal and citizen engagement, Kate Scrivens, Wikiprogress Manager, OECD – View Presentation

Seeking a Better Life, Fidel Thomet, Web-COSI data vis competition winner, Switzerland – View Presentation

Web-COSI video presentation, Barry Crisp, Director, Media & Communications, i-genius and Jide Johnson, Creative Director, Aniboxx – View Presentation

October 2015

5th OECD World Forum on Statistics, Knowledge and Policy

Opening up well-being statistics to new audiences: Introducing Web-COSI by Donatella Fazio, Scientific Co-ordinator, Web-COSI – View Presentation

July 2015

EU Policy Seminar on the Usage of Data for Driving Social Entrepreneurship

Download Agenda, click here!

Donatella Fazio, Istat/Web-COSI – View Presentation
Kelly Hutchinson, University of Melbourne – View Presentation
Oswin Baker, Rockpool – View Presentation
Tommy Hutchinson, i-genius/Web-COSI – View Presentation

April 2015

Well-being Plausibly Workshop

Download Agenda, click here!

Donatella Fazio, Istat, Web-COSI scientific coordinator – View presentation
Kate Scrivens, OECD, Web-COSI researcher – View presentation
Chiara Assunta Ricci, Lunaria – View presentation (Italian Only)
Chiara Ciociola, Monithon – View presentation (Italian Only)
Vittorio Alvino, OpenPolis – View presentation (Italian Only)
Andrea Borruso, Confiscati Bene – View presentation (Italian Only)

March 2015

NTTS 2015 Conference, Brussels, 10 March 2015, session 6B – Progress in the production and policy use of GDP and beyond indicators (special session)

The paper “The potential of Web2.0 communities for statistics” by Donatella Fazio, Kate Scrivens and Maria Grazia Calza was presented by Mrs Fazio, the Web-COSI project scientific coordinator.

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February 2015

Workshop on Usage of Data for Driving Social Entrepreneurship

To see the workshop agenda, click here!

Donatella Fazio, Web-COSI Scientific Co-ordinator, Istat – View Presentation
Tommy Hutchinson, Founder & CEO, i-genius – View Presentation
Oswin Baker, Founder, Rockpool – View Presentation
Richinda Taylor, CEO, Eva Women’s Aid – View Presentation
Steve Coles, Managing Director, Intentionality – View Presentation
Chris Durkin, Associate Professor, University of Northampton – View Presentation
Andrew Rzepa, Senior Consultant, Gallup – View Presentation

December 2014

Share and Inspire Infoday on CAPS in Horizon 2020 – Web-COSI mid-term results and 2015 activities – View Presentation

November 2014

Advisory Board Meeting

Agenda Web-COSI Advisory Board Meeting – View Document
Web-COSI Slide Presentation – View Presentation
Web-COSI Executive Summary – View Document
Web-COSI Progress report – View Report
Initial list of the mapping exercise – View Document

Bologna Seminar: The R&D projects funded by the European Union. The recent experience of the Web-COSI project at the statistical and economic research frontier
View presentation

October 2014

Using Technology to Engage Citizens with Well-being Statistics – Perspectives from Official Statistics and Government – Workshop

Welcome and opening address
Donatella Fazio, Web-COSI scientific co-ordinator, Istat – View Presentation
Zoe Hartland – Office for National Statistics – View Presentation
Mary McCaughey – Eurofound – EC – View Presentation
Emily Walter – Australia Bureau of Statistics – View Presentation
Lorena Sanchez and Paolo Veneri – Better Life Index and Regional Well-being interactive tool – OECD – View BLI slides and Regional Well-being slides
Stefano Falorsi – SMART platform, Istat – Italy- View Presentation
Fernando Reis – Big Data Taskforce, Eurostat – EC – View Presentation
Trevor Fletcher – ‘Informing the Data Revolution’ project – PARIS21 – View Presentation
Vyron Antoniou – Crowdsourcing and Government project, UCL – View Presentation
Ulrich Atz – Open Data Institute – View Presentation
Barbara Ubaldi – Open Government project – OECD – View Presentation
Trevor Gibson – Peterborough DNA – View Presentation

September 2014

Lecture by Donatella Fazio on “Communication and policy use of indicators beyond GDP- Web-COSI project”, QoLexity – Measuring, Monitoring and Analysis of Quality of Life and its Complexity, International II level University Master, University of Florence and Istat, 26th September 2014, Rome – View Presentation

Lecture by Donatella Fazio on “Moving forward: some key messages from the e-Frame project- The new Web-COSI project”, e-Frame Summer School on measurement of wellbeing  and societal progress, University of Pisa, 13 September 2013 – View Presentation

Using Technology to Engage Citizens with Well-being Statistics – Perspectives from Civil Society – Workshop

Donatella Fazio, Web-COSI scientific co-ordinator, Istat – View Presentation
Alex Minhovits and Caroline Dobbing – Global AgeWatch Index, Help Age International – UK – View Presentation
Jonathon Talbot – Social Progress Index, Social Progress Imperative – US – View Presentation
Philippa Lysaght – Institute for Economics and Peace – Australia – View Presentation
Liz Zeidler – Happy City Index – UK – View Presentation
Haosheng Huang – EmoMAP – Austria – View Presentation
Jason MagLaughlin – Big Development Datashift, CIVICUS – South Africa – View Presentation
Massimo Craglia – Joint Research Centre (Citizen Science and Smart Cities project),EC – View Presentation
Julia Kloiber – Code for Germany – View Presentation

July 2014

Overview of Web-COSI project objectives and activities by Donatella Fazio at the CAPS2014 Conference ( in Brussels on 2 July 2014 – View Presentation

June 2014

Donatella Fazio, Istat, co-ordinator of Web-COSI project explains to Pan European Networks: ( how Web-COSI is designed to increase the engagement of society at large for better statistics beyond GDP – View Article

Presentation of Web-COSI project by Donatella Fazio at Special Session: Beyond GDP of  Q2014 European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics ( Vienna, Austria, 3-5 June 2014 – View Presentation

Paper “Exploiting crowd sourced platforms for statistical purposes”, co-author Donatella Fazio,  published in Q2014 Conference proceedings illustrating Web-COSI project – View Paper

Webinar to promote and disseminate the most incisive contents and methods implemented by civil society for societal innovation in the field of collecting statistics on well-being

Civil society engagement in well-being statistics: good practices from Italy
Duccio Zola | Scientific Coordinator | Lunaria

Presentation of Web-COSI Project
Donatella Fazio | Web-COSI Project Coordinator | Istat

The Civic Online Monitoring of Italian Public Policies
Luigi Reggi | Co-founder | Monithon

The “Open Budget Index”
Elena Mondo | Project Coordinator | Open Budget Initiative

Speakers Introduction Slide

February 2014
Organization of parallel section “Web 2.0 Networking for measuring progress. Web-COSI project” at the Final Conference of e-Frame project, held in Amsterdam on 10-11 February 2014. Speaker: Donatella Fazio -Web-COSI scientific coordinator, ISTAT – View Presentation

January 2014

Web-COSI Kick Off Meeting

View Kick-off Meeting Agenda
View Kick-off Meeting Minutes

Web 2.0 challenges for NSIs
Emanuele Baldacci | Department Director | Istat

Measuring progress, GDP and beyond looking at Horizon 2020
Marleen De Smedt | Adviser to the DG | Eurostat

Overall Web-COSI vision, structure and objectives
Donatella Fazio | Web-COSI Scientific Coordinator | Istat

Engaging and motivating citizen to contribute. A Wiki for progress statistics
Katherine Scrivens | Wiki Manager | OECD

The information and data from the civil society to empower the policies
Grazia Naletto | President | Lunaria

The data needs to support the effectiveness of social entrepreneurship initiative
Tommy Hutchinson | CEO | i-genius

Web-COSI communication strategy
Barry Crisp | Director, Media & Communications | i-genius

The experience of e-Frame project – European Framework for Measuring Progress
Marina Signore | member Web-COSI Advisory Board | Istat

Management of Web-COSI – coordination of the consortium
Maria Grazia Calza | Project Manager | Istat

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