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Work Plan

The project will carry out its 24 month activities using Web 2.0 tools involving the communities in the achievement of the project outputs. The involvement of citizens and stakeholders into the discussion and in the project activities will create synergies and critical mass.

Activities will proceed through the achievement of the following main targets:

  • mapping and exploiting existing and new digital initiatives related to the topics of well-being and societal progress setting up an interactive crowd sourced map
  • distilling the best practices of the involvement of the communities for the statistics for sustainability and social innovation investigating on the experiences carried out by NSIs
  • stocktaking existing practices of civil society involvement in the production of non-official statistical indicators beyond GDP
  • investigating the experiences of social entrepreneurs and improving their engagement with progress statistics so as to steer socially sustainable and innovative initiatives
  • implementing specific initiatives, citizens on-line campaigns and targeted campaigns, such as a ‘youth section’ and a data visualisation competition, with the aim to empower the engagement of communities.  A European Wikiprogress University Programme will get students involved in individual and groups projects to develop knowledge and data sharing on open source platform
  • developing a Wiki of Progress Statistics as a midterm output that will represents a tool for managing the collection of civil society grass root locally generated non-official data to combine with official data in order to foster the statistical (official and non-official) data sharing
  • organizing communication and dissemination open events: 5 workshops, 4 focus groups and a final conference



1. Events

2. Digital Initiatives

3. Wiki of progress statistics

4. Reports