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Workshop: Well-being, plausibly

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Date(s) - 21/04/2015
9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Price: FREE


The association Lunaria, within the “Web-COSI” European project’s initiatives, presents the workshop:

 Well-being, plausibly

Civil society’s initiatives, tools and challenges to improve the quality of life of people and territories

Tuesday, April 21st 2015, 9.30-17.00 (CEST)
Porta Futuro, via Galvani 108, Roma (Testaccio district)


Free entrance

Info and registration: Sara Nunzi,, + 39 (0)6 8841880

Live stream

For those who will not be able to join the Rome event, the workshop will be entirely live streamed in English on the Web-COSI homepage from 10am CEST (9am BST).

This latest Web-COSI workshop hosted by Lunaria, stems from the awareness of the multi-dimensionality of well-being and at the same time, of the limits of official statistics in covering with adequate and fit-for-purpose statistical information fundamental dimensions and aspects, which have to do with the quality of life of citizens or the quality of development in a given territory.

In the present condition of increasing social complexity and environmental interdependence, the role of civil society in monitoring and collecting data and information on the various features of well-being becomes increasingly central. In this context, the use of new technologies (web 2.0, wiki technology, crowdsourcing applications and platforms, new social media…) and the ability in activating and involving citizenship at large reveal to be key tools for CSOs in order to raise public awareness about the collection, dissemination, reuse and visualization of statistical data and information on the issues and different facets of well-being, from sustainable lifestyles to institutional transparency.

Therefore, the workshop’s main aim is to facilitate the exchange and dissemination of experiences and practices carried out by Italian CSOs in the field of the production of statistical information on well-being – through the collection, aggregation and analysis of data, the use of new technologies and/or the direct involvement of citizens and local communities.

The workshop will provide participants with: (i) a simultaneous translation service (Italian-English and English-Italian); (ii) a coffee break; (iii) a buffet lunch. In addition, the conference will be entirely live streamed in English onto the Web-COSI portal (

Draft Agenda

h. 9.30-10.00

Participants’ registration


h. 10.00-10.30Opening session

The new statistics for well-being and societal innovation

Welcome address – Loretta Anania • European Commission Project Officer, DG CONNECT

The project “Web-COSI” and the 2.0 statistics: well-being, innovation, participation – Donatella Fazio • Istat, Web-COSI scientific coordinator

Workshop’s structure and aims – Duccio Zola • Lunaria, Web-COSI researcher


h. 10.30-11.00

Coffee break


h. 11.00-13.15First session

Chair: Duccio Zola • Lunaria

Measuring well-being, beyond GDP. Definitions, dimensions, goals

Well-being: what it is, how it counts, why it counts – Kate Scrivens • OECD, Web-COSI researcher

The role of civil society in the measurement of well-being at the national and local level: the Italian experience – Chiara Assunta Ricci • Lunaria

How’s life (and how it could be) in Italian cities – Mirko Laurenti • Legambiente

The role of well-being indicators in public policies’ design and implementation – Giulio Marcon • MP, Chamber of Deputies, First Signatory of a Law Proposal on this issue


h. 13.15-14.15

Lunch break


h. 14.15-16.30Second session

Chair: Duccio Zola • Lunaria

Civic participation, open data and new technologies.

The statistical information in the “data revolution” era

Civic monitoring and open data. What they are and why we should be interested in – Chiara Ciociola • Monithon

Non only users. Active citizens’ promotion of the quality of public services – Tina Napoli • Cittadinanzattiva

Who controls the controller? Institutional transparency as fundamental driver of well-being – Vittorio Alvino • OpenPolis

Mafia in-the-eye. The properties confiscated to the organized crime and the quality of life in local communities – Andrea Borruso • Confiscati Bene


h. 16.30-17.00

Final remarks

Download Draft Agenda, click here!

The European project “Web-COSI”

The workshop “Well-being, plausibly” is promoted by the Italian Association for Social Promotion Lunaria ( within the Web-COSI European project’s initiatives (2014-2015). Web-COSI – short for “Web COmmunities for Statistics for Social Innovation” – involves Lunaria together with the Istat (lead institution), the OECD and i-genius: inaugurated in January 2014, Web-COSI is funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme on sustainability and societal innovation, and aims primarily to involve stakeholders’ communities in the public debate on well-being and social innovation.

In particular, Web-COSI aims to promote the sharing and dissemination of knowledge and experience on the various features related to the production of statistical information on wellbeing and social sustainability carried out by national and international institutions and by civil society organizations (CSOs). Another important topic regards the focus on the role and use of new technologies in order to inform and activate citizenship, promote collective discussion on the definition of statistics related to well-being, improve access, understanding and analysis of statistical data and information.

Among the two-year programme of Web-COSI’s activities: mapping the most relevant and innovative initiatives undertaken at the institutional and civil society level on the field of the measurement of well-being and the promotion of social innovation; identifying best practices of citizens’ involvement in the collection and processing of data and statistical information on well-being and sustainability; activating citizens’ initiatives in the production of statistics on well-being. For more info on Web-COSI, please visit: