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ESS Big Data in Official Statistics, Rome, Technical Workshop Report Released


Eurostat have released the Technical Report on the ESS Big Data Workshop in Official Statistics. This report summarizes the presentations and discussions that took place during the 2014 ESS Big Data in Official Statistics event organized by Eurostat in Rome (31 March – 1 April) and provides recommendations for the way ahead in the promotion of the use of Big Data for the production of European statistics. The ESS Big Data Event was organised by Eurostat with the support of a consortium led by DevStat (ES) with VerbiVis (LU), Dialogic (NL), and Web-COSI project co-ordinator Instituto Nazionale di Statistica-ISTAT (IT), under a contract for the project: “Facilitation of methodological cooperation in the ESS”.

The view the report visit:

To have more information about the event:

Report Editor:
José L. CERVERA (DevStat)
Report Authors:
José L. CERVERA and Paola VOTTA (DevStat), Donatella FAZIO and Monica SCANNAPIECO (ISTAT), Reg BRENNENRA, EDTS and Tommy VAN DER VORST (Dialogic)

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