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Using Technology to Engage Citizens with Well-being Statistics – Workshop

Following on from the recent online discussions on Wikiprogress: i) Making data more accessible for society at large and ii) Engaging citizens in well-being and progress statistics, we would like to inform you about a workshop that will build upon the information that was gathered during these online discussions.

This workshop will explore in further detail, the role of digital technologies in engaging citizens with ‘beyond GDP’ statistics  from the perspective of civil society and academia.

To see the agenda, click here.

Date: 18 September
Venue: OECD, Paris

LIVE WEBCAST: you can watch the workshop on 18 September from 09:30 – 17:00 BST, here and on the Wikiprogress home page

Note: This will be a small workshop (25 people), so places will be allocated on a first come basis.

Registration: email

Cost: Attendance is free.

Presentations will include:  AgeWatch Index, Big Development Datashift, Citizen Science and Smart Cities project, Code for Germany, EmoMAP, Five by Five, Happy City Index, Happy Planet Index, Open Knowledge and Tactical Technology Collective. To see full agenda, click here

A second workshop with this title is planned on 27 October 2014, that will explore perspectives from Official Statistics Offices and Government.

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