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Multimedia Available: Workshop on the Usage of Data for Driving Social Entrepreneurship

Multimedia (presentations, livestream video footage and photos) are now available (see below) in relation to the workshop “Workshop on the Usage of Data for Driving Social Entrepreneurship”. The workshop explored the creation of new tools and the development of existing methods on creating critical mass on the usage of data for driving social entrepreneurship initiatives.

Date: 19 February, 2015
Venue: Legatum Institute, London

Deliverable Report

Deliverable report on “Workshop on the Usage of Data for Driving Social Entrepreneurship”
To view deliverable report: Coming Soon!


To see the workshop agenda, click here!


Donatella Fazio, Web-COSI Scientific Co-ordinator, Istat – View Presentation
Tommy Hutchinson, Founder & CEO, i-genius – View Presentation
Oswin Baker, Founder, Rockpool – View Presentation
Richinda Taylor, CEO, Eva Women’s Aid – View Presentation
Steve Coles, Managing Director, Intentionality – View Presentation
Chris Durkin, Associate Professor, University of Northampton – View Presentation
Andrew Rzepa, Senior Consultant, Gallup – View Presentation


Livesteam Video Footage


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