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Next Workshop to be Livestreamed


The next Web-COSI Workshop on the Usage of Data for Driving Social Entrepreneurship will be Livestreamed via the Web-COSI homepage and the event page.

The workshop hosted by i-genius will take place in London on 19th February 2015 and seeks to explore the creation of new tools and develop existing methods on creating critical mass on the usage of data for driving social entrepreneurship initiatives.

“Social enterprises contribute to smart growth by responding with social innovation to needs that have not yet been met; they create sustainable growth by taking into account their environmental impact and by their long-term vision; they are at the heart of inclusive growth due to their emphasis on people and social cohesion. In other words, their key aim is to effect social and economic transformation which contributes to the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy.”

EU Social Business Initiative (25.10.2011)

The workshop will be hosted by the Legatum Institute and will include a presentation of the 2014 Legatum Prosperity Index, an annual assessment of wealth and wellbeing across 142 countries. The Index assesses national progress in a range of areas, including health, entrepreneurship and social capital, and has been published by the institute since 2007.

Engage with this event live via Web-COSI Facebook and Twitter @WebCOSI channels using the following hashtag: #SocEntData

To find out more about the workshop, including agenda, context and location, please visit the event page:

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