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Advisory Board Meeting

On 18th November 2014 the first meeting of the WEB-COSI Advisory Board took place in Rome, at Istat premises. The meeting was chaired by Enrico Giovannini with the participation of Tony Bradley, Filomena Maggino, Martin O’Connor and Marina Signore as members of the Advisory Board and with the participation of Donatella Fazio, Web-COSI scientific coordinator, Maria Grazia Calza, Web-COSI project manager and the other members of Istat Web-COSI team.

The mid-term results of Web-COSI and its next activities were presented collecting advice and feedback from the Advisory Board members (who very much appreciated the vision of the project and the work done so far). The meeting was fruitful and the discussion was very inspiring for the Web-COSI team. During the meeting the importance of web2.0 technologies to foster the engagement of society at large, bridging the top-down and the bottom-up approaches was stressed and echoed amongst all those present. The on-going mapping exercise of the digital initiatives for communities’ involvement was very well judged.

Moreover, the Advisory Board members recognized the importance of the next activities from a social entrepreneur and policy perspective. Great expectations were confirmed on the future development of the Wiki progress stat data portal. From a more technical point of view, the meeting highlighted open issues on the usage of data available on the Internet. Among these, it was stressed the need of meta information as a key element to steer among the current “data deluge”.

The feedback and advice received and the insights that arose from the discussions will be taken into account to drive the next activities of Web-COSI for the full success of the project.

To find out more about the meeting, please read the documents and the slides presented:

Agenda Web-COSI Advisory Board Meeting – View Document
Web-COSI Slide Presentation – View Presentation
Web-COSI Executive Summary – View Document
Web-COSI Progress report – View Report
Initial list of the mapping exercise – View Document

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