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European Union Web-COSI Social Entrepreneurship Survey​


Web-COSI is a European Union project designed to improve people’s engagement with data and statistics. The ​EU project is delivered by Istat, OECD, Lunaria and i-genius, which seeks to improve the way society engages with statistics beyond GDP – ‘statistics for everyone’.

​Such data/statistics are typically accessed via reports or increasingly from the internet or mobile apps. Following on from February’s workshop,​ this survey seeks to obtain a better understanding on how social entrepreneurs and people active in various forms of innovation use such data and statistics.

We would be​ very grateful if you would take 5 minutes of your time ​to complete this important survey. The results will be published by the end of May on the Web-COSI website. We welcome responses from outside and inside the EU.

To complete the survey, visit:

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