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Multimedia Available: Well-being, plausibly Workshop

Multimedia (presentations, livestream video footage and photos) are now available (see below) in relation to the workshop “Well-being, plausibly”. The workshop was held in Rome (Porta Futuro, via Galvani 108, in the historical Testaccio district) on Tuesday, April 21st and explored well-being and new technologies, civic engagement and “2.0 statistics” for societal innovation and sustainable development.


Download Agenda, click here!


The project “Web-COSI” and the 2.0 statistics: well-being, innovation, participation – Donatella Fazio, Istat, Web-COSI scientific coordinator – View presentation

Well-being: what it is, how it counts, why it counts – Kate Scrivens, OECD, Web-COSI researcher – View presentation

The role of civil society in the measurement of well-being at the national and local level: the Italian experience – Chiara Assunta Ricci, Lunaria – View presentation (Italian Only)

Civic monitoring and open data. What they are and why we should be interested in – Chiara Ciociola, Monithon – View presentation (Italian Only)

Who controls the controller? Institutional transparency as fundamental driver of well-being – Vittorio Alvino, OpenPolis – View presentation (Italian Only)

Mafia in-the-eye. The properties confiscated to the organized crime and the quality of life in local communities – Andrea Borruso, Confiscati Bene – View presentation (Italian Only)




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